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Catering Concepts at the VUUR LAB.®

Discover the Hospitality Concepts at the VUUR LAB.® and surprise your guests outdoors 365 days a year!

The expectations when visiting a restaurant or hotel have changed enormously.
Excellent service and excellent food have become the norm. These days, it is increasingly about the experience.

Pamper your guests with Show Cooking and a dazzling outdoor cooking experience

Make the visit to your catering business extra special for your guests and treat them to an outdoor fragrance and taste experience.
We would love to help you give your guests the ultimate terrace experience.
Discover now the unique hospitality concepts at the VUUR LAB. We would love to help you create the ultimate terrace experience.


Discover the VUUR LAB. Outdoor Cooking & BBQ collection:

Table grilling on the terrace with the OFYR Tabl'O

OFYR Tabl'O takes table grilling to the next level!

With this beautifully designed Tabl'o outdoor table grill that is heated with coconut briquettes (do not smell or smoke) various concepts can be applied. Such as guests taking their food from a buffet and preparing it themselves on the table. Or a chef grilling at the table.