Grill als een BBQ Koning(in) op Koningsdag - Het Vuur LAB.
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Grill like a BBQ King(s) on King's Day

Grill like a BBQ King(s) on King's Day

Organise an American BBQ party on King's Day

With the right barbecue, grill like a BBQ King(s) on King's Day!

After a tour of the free market and hours of strolling around the city, you can organise a cosy barbecue party at home

Invite your best friends to a American BBQ party and let everyone bring their own,
so you don't have to spend hours in the kitchen making all the preparations yourself.
That way, you can have some fun on your King's Day before the party-goers storm into your garden and the revelry begins.
Make a playlist in Spotify or on Soundcloud in advance so you don't have to worry about that ;).

In the Netherlands, an 'American BBQ Party' is a barbecue party where everyone brings their own food/drink.
Did you know that in America, these parties are not called American parties at all
In fact, Americans here don't even really have a "word" for this kind of party or celebration.
Basically, they will just invite you to a BBQ or a 'Cook out'.
Somewhere on the invitation it then reads: BYOB: Bring Your Own Booze or Bring Your Own Bottle.
The BYOB abbreviation, in most cases also means bringing your own (BBQ) food.

Switch on the BBQ and let everyone who wants to bake & grill do their thing.
Have a pair of heat-resistant BBQ gloves ready and BBQ tools, so that there are several people for several
can be worked with the right tools.

The big OFYR outdoor kitchen is ideal for this kind of fun barbecue party but, of course, not everyone has such a giant BBQ. On a smaller grill or barbecue you can barbecue with several people just fine, it just takes a bit longer.

Grill like a king on King's Day!

Fry tasty burgers on the OFYR's plancha

Spice Up Your BBQ Party!

BBQ seasoning and tasty sauces should of course not be missing during your King's Day BBQ party!

At the VUUR LAB., you can choose from some super tasty rubs and BBQ sauces.

The Man With The Pan's spices are ideal with steaks, Veggies and fish.
The Sonnentor Organic BBQ herb mixes are also our favourites.
The Holy Veggie and the Rug me Tender should definitely not be missing from your kitchen cupboard!

Mix the tastiest (Virgin) Cocktails with our Organic syrups

Lavender, raspberry or lemon?

All three flavours are delicious and give you the 'nice weather feeling'!
Fortunately, with this Agropošta syrups tasting, you don't have to choose and can feel free to try all the flavours.

Agropošta syrups contain NO flavourings or extracts, preservatives or other artificial additives,
Moreover, the syrups are very low in sugar and gluten-free!

Royal tasty salmon

Pack well during King's Day and make this delectable salmon!

BBQ @The Park

Are you more ' Out Going' and love barbecuing in 'other places' than your own garden?
Then take a handy portable foldable barbecue along, or the OONI Fyra portable pizza oven!

Take this handy table organiser with you wherever you go!

Happy King's Day!