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Great outdoor dining with the perfect BBQ or outdoor kitchen

Great outdoor dining with the perfect BBQ or outdoor kitchen

Want more than a quick fry of burgers?

Then opt for a real outdoor kitchen! More than just a barbecue, an outdoor kitchen actually combines all the conveniences of a real kitchen with the atmosphere of a BBQ.

Want to do more than just fry some burgers? Then opt for a large outdoor kitchen from, for example, Weltevree or a OFYR outdoor kitchen.


Pizzas from the Outdoor oven XL

With the Outdooroven XL, you can actually do anything. Prepare the most delicious and crispy pizzas and enjoy the authentic taste of home-made pizzas prepared on a real fire with real wood together with your family.

It is super fun to prepare the dough with the kids beforehand and prepare the mise en place for the pizza adventure. Everyone can join in and top their own pizza. What is your favourite pizza?

Outdoor kitchen fired with real wood

Would you prefer to cook with real wood? Then choose an outdoor kitchen that you can fire with wood. The Weltevree outdoor ovens and OFYR outdoor kitchens are both wood-fired. With outdoor kitchens, you can make your own coals and create zones to regulate the cooking time of the food.

Enjoy cooking and barbecuing in your own garden with a beautiful outdoor kitchen of size. OFYR has several models available in two colours. Whether you choose matt black or corten, both choices are beautiful! However, matt black powder-coated products do require more maintenance and attention. We love corten steel, you don't really have to worry about it! Corten is a beautiful natural and tough colour.

Which colour outdoor kitchen will you choose?

Enjoy cooking and grilling with your own outdoor kitchen

With an extensive outdoor kitchen from OFYR, you can enjoy hours of outdoor cooking and grilling in your own garden! Together with the family or with a group of friends, you can enjoy cooking over a real fire all afternoon or evening together.

OFYR has lots of cool accessories to dress up your outdoor kitchen! With the OFYR Brazilian grill, you can expand your outdoor kitchen and prepare the most delicious dishes on the included large skewers.

This set of three skewers in a round, steel holder transforms your OFYR into a typical Brazilian barbecue. The skewers are easy to handle thanks to the hold handles. For slow cooking your meat directly over the fire.

Enjoying together around the dancing flames of the OFYR outdoor kitchen

Fire connects! When you stand together around the OFYR outdoor kitchen, you immediately experience connection. Cooking together is much more fun than cooking alone. That is why we really recommend the OFYR cookers if several people are going to cook outdoors together.

A kamado, compared to an OFYR, is really a solitary bbq appliance and definitely does not give you the feeling you can experience with an outdoor kitchen from OFYR.

Outdoor cooking on the balcony?

Especially for smaller gardens and balconies, you can choose from OFYR's table grill, among others. The OFYR Tabl' O is very suitable for use in places where you don't or can't easily make a fire and where you can still enjoy outdoor dining and grilling like a real pro!


Grill wherever you want!

The OFYR Tabl'O is super handy to take with you to places you wouldn't easily get to with a large outdoor kitchen....

Grill the tastiest dishes on the waterfront

With the OFYR Tabl'O, you can grill tasty dishes on the waterfront!
After an afternoon of sailing, put down the Tabl'O and extend the adventure with the kids by cooking adventurously outdoors on this table grill.